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prendre-tout atelier is a fashion brand created from the vision of our Chief Designer MJ. She holds an MFA in Fashion Design & Merchandising from the Academy of Art San Francisco. She is very passionate about garment creation/artistic expression. The Chief Designer will provide a beautiful creative experience through collaboration & direction. Her process does not include duplicating garments however, she will do her best to create a design that is pleasing to your ideas & personal style. 


 pleats and folds into crisp, intentional garments.  As Chief Designer of The EmJha Collection, this diva of fabric pushes fashion to the next dimension with “Urban Classic” designs.  Her adage From Fabrique to Form…speaks about her ability to take simple fabric and form it into a fashion masterpiece that is desirable and exciting.  Urban Classic personifies a high fashion look that is wearable, fun, head turning, fresh, and unforgettable.

The Chief Designer

Born in L.A. and bred in the Southern Capital of Atlanta, Chief Designer MJ grew to love fashion at a very young age, designing ultramodern looks from her mother’s vintage wears.  She began officially designing in April 2007 purchasing a sewing machine and fabric and never looking back. MJ’s personal style is simple and classic with a hint of the latest trends.   A lover of all things black, MJ digs deep to create fresh looks from a palette of rich primary and secondary tones that marry patterns


prendre-tout atelier

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